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    1.  TAPA. We have 244 valid TAPA SGS certificates for DHL which generates CHF 134,686 annually
      1.  Single site ISO/OHSAS (CHF 209,250 annually) These are 155 individual standalone sites with their own certificates.
        1. Multiite multicountry program for 9k, 14k, 18k and BC, estimation of CHF230,000
        2. Gathering all the information
          1. from Certnet
            1. Karen has sent to Lisa the report already
            2. Directly from the affiliates
              1. Alvaro to send a message to all the network
              2. Use the RKAMs to review the data integrity, clean information, verify and organize it per region
                1. Alvaro to notify
              3. New Global Structure RKAM/LOCAL


                • Go back to RKAMs structure but not to replace the Local current management in China, India and Swiss, just to lead and improve control and communication to Lisa Support
                1. Sur America
                  1. Margarita Diaz
                  2. Asia
                    1. Tor


                      • China: Susan Zhong India: Rama N
                    2. North America
                      1. Amy Mitchel


                        • Kendra Emmich
                      2. EMEA


                        • Elvira Bieri
                        1. Continue with Elvira
                          1. To be reviewed with Elvira by Alvaro and Lisa
                        2. MENAT
                          1. Muhammad
                          2. Lisa the Global
                            1. Frequent conference calls with RKAMs and LRKAM
                          3. populate the right message and communications over the network
                            1. Webinars, we aim to do the first one in two weeks


                              • Make Webinars with affiliates to instruct and remind how should be managed the contracts
                              1. Develop a simple instructions manual
                                1. To inform to the regional managers and SSC managers the plan to be done by Alvaro
                                2. Client Management
                                  1. Notification about new scheme or work and structure by Jeff and Lisa
                                    1. Renegotiation of the new cost required to keep the SLA with this account.
                                  2. Certificates Issuing
                                    1. Instruction to affiliates by Lisa
                                      1. Make Webinars with affiliates to instruct and reminders
                                      2. Lisa to Make monitoring through the RKAMs
                                        1. RKAM to monitor Certificate issuing process according intructions
                                        2. Biggest problem in Asia
                                          1. India nominated to deal with administrative task for DSC
                                            1. Nelish and Rama from India, accepted the task, extra cost will be supported by corporate level
                                            2. China nominated to deal with administrative tasks for DGF
                                              1. Susan Zhong and Ben accepted the task. Extra costs will be supported by corporate level
                                          2. CCP have to work
                                            1. Personnel dedicated one month to clean up the whole information globally and help the affiliates to fulfil the CCP requirements.
                                              1. Monica Iglesias will be delegated to do that at corporate level
                                            2. Technical Support
                                              1. To appoint a TPM, still pending to define
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