A Significant Event of the 1930's - The Sydney Harbour Bridge

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General info on the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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A Significant Event of the 1930's - The Sydney Harbour Bridge
1 Why should we complete this in 1930's depression?
1.1 made for the future population: train line, multiple lanes, pedestrian walkway
1.2 offered employment when unemployment was high
1.3 cheaper labour than in boom times
2 It started in the booming 1920's
2.1 an icon - national for sydney and australia both in and outside australia. A sign of prosperity and hope
2.2 gave the public something to look forward to - 'grand opening', an 'event' (walk across it) - a morale booster for sydney people during the depression
2.3 linked the city - united both sides
2.4 sense of pride for australians - one of a kind design and architecture

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