The French & Indian War

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American History Social Studies (American History) Mind Map on The French & Indian War, created by Selam H on 10/29/2013.

Selam H
Created by Selam H almost 6 years ago
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The French & Indian War


  • One of the wars within the "Seven Years War" in Europe.
1 Causes...
1.1 Control Ohio Valley wanted
1.1.1 More land wanted To protect colonists
2 British (advantages)
2.1 A few Indian allies
2.1.1 Larger population (15 to 1) #1 Navy in the world at the time Smaller area to defend
3 French & Indians (advantages)
3.1 Many Indian allies
3.1.1 One government easier to control compared to the British who had 14
4 Effects...
4.1 British won the war
4.1.1 French Driven Out
4.1.2 Military Experiance War Debt The Albany Plan of Union: Benjamin Franklin's attempt to unite all the different colonial governments. Failed at this time, but the idea developed later.
5 Treaty of Paris
5.1 Ended the French & Indian War
5.1.1 Gave Canada & all land east of the Mississippi river to the British

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