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Holidays and Traditions

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  1. Holidays
    1. Mostly celebrate historic events and religions festivals
      1. New Year's
        1. On dicember 31
          1. Ecuadorians celebrate with the "años viejos".
            1. These are built with paper - wood - old clothes, etc.
              1. When the yaer finish, they are burned.
                1. Is a day when people enjoy and spend time with friends.
                  1. At 12 people get a hug to stor a new day.
          2. Day of the Dead
            1. On november 2
              1. is a time to celebrate one's dead ancestors
                1. The families wear black clothes - carry a meal to the cementery
                  1. Traditional meal
                    1. Guagua de pan and Colada Morada
                      1. Spend the day visiting the cementery - laying flowers
                        1. Families prepare an special food and eat with their ancestors
                2. Carnaval
                  1. In february or March
                    1. Ecuador has a very unique version
                      1. Some Ecuadorians don't agree
                        1. They celebrate it throwing balloons filledwith water, bags filled with flour
                          1. Before Carnival lots of people sell these water weapons in every part of the country
                            1. Most children and teenagers love it!
                3. Traditions
                  1. Ambato's Fruit and Flower Festival
                    1. Is a spiritual spring with its own fruits - flower
                      1. Begins with a proclamation by educational institutions neighborhood committes
                        1. This followed by the election of the city's Festival Queen
                          1. "The Corzo and the Ronda Nocturna" are the synthesis of what the work, happines and high altruism of these people mean
                            1. Each neigborhood in the city organizes traditional festivals.
                    2. Mama Negra Festival
                      1. 10th of november
                        1. Is held in honor of Latacunga's independence celebrations
                          1. The main characters of this traditional representation in the folklore
                            1. The principal members are: moorish King, the Angel of the Star, the Sergeant , the Capitan of the Guard
                              1. Manuelita Baltazara is a doll that represent the daughter is a symbol of unity and brotherhood
                                1. these are a lot of orchestral groups, musical bands, etc
                        2. Diablada Pillareña
                          1. January 15 - 16th
                            1. Its surroundings to the city's central park
                              1. Accompanied by popular band and fireworks the devils frighten the curious public
                                1. The genvine, masks of the "diablos de Pillaro" are made of gived paper with teeth and horns
                                  1. The devils also use capes and wigs
                                    1. The main figures are Cabecilla - Capariche - Guarichas - Lineas
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