Songs that Unite current website Mindmap

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adding more functionality to the STU website

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Songs that Unite current website Mindmap
  1. Music Artist uploads their song files in their music artist portal with a comment that states whether the song is for Congregational Songs or Christian Music.
    1. An email alert is sent to the Manager and the new song is automatically placed in Song Assessment for the Manager to access.
      1. The Manager assigns the song to an Assessor for Congregational Songs
        1. Once the Assessor has assessed and approved or rejected the Congregational Song, an email is sent to the Manager to approve or reject.
          1. When the manager approves the song the Congregational Song automatically goes into the Congregational Song Category and an email is sent to the Assessor and the Music Artist informing them of this decision.
            1. When the manager rejects the song an email is sent to the Assessor and the Music Artist informing them of this decision.
          2. If the song is suitable for the Christian Music category, the song is assessed by the manager and approved.
            1. Once approved, the song automatically goes into the Congregational Songs category and the Manager needs to manually change the category for Christian Music.
              1. Add the new Music Artist to the Christian Music category
                1. Move the song from the Music Artist's Congregational Songs Category to the Christian Music Category.
                  1. Add the lyrics to show lyrics link for customers to view prior to purchase.
                  2. The Manager then uploads the new song files to the separate Subscription Package 5Stream synodication platform. This is not linked in anyway to the STU website.
                    1. The manager manually add the lyrics to the show lyrics link and formats every verse.
                      1. The manager then manually "add content" (the uploaded songs) to the Master List for each subscription so they are visible as new songs to subscribers.
              2. All digital albums must be manually added by the Manager to the Christian Music category. No facility is available for the Music Artist to upload their digital album.
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