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Research on GoConqr as a company and eLearning tool

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  1. About GoConqr
    1. GoConqr is evidence of the growing trend in learning with online tools
      1. The platform boasts over 1 million members and over 41 million study sessions worldwide
        1. Allows teachers and students to work collaboratively online, helping to open doors in education and allowing students to realise their full potential
        2. The Job
          1. As a GoConqr employee, it is desirable that you have a passion for eLearning and ambition to shape the future of education
            1. "The right person will be a self starter who is eager to learn and grow."
              1. ANDROID DEVELOPER. The candidate must display a variety of skills, to include:
                1. A minimum of a 1 year of experience in Android Development
                  1. Experience in working with 3rd party APIs such as Facebook SDK, Google+, Shutterbug, GSON, Crashlytics, Youtube
                    1. Some experience in client-side web technologies and server side scripting languages such as Ruby, Python or PHP an advantage
                  2. iOS and Android
                    1. The iOS and Android app are the ideal complement to the web version of GoConqr
                      1. Create the resource that you need on the web version of GoConqr and then you can view, discover and share with the accompanying mobile apps. A whole new way of learning!
                        1. **These mobile apps are 1st generation so there is plenty of room for development and creative input**
                        2. Features of GoConqr
                          1. Mind Maps. Great for the introduction to a topic. Context or scope of a topic can become visually evident very quickly.
                            1. Flashcards. Popular way of recalling topic content. Online version provides more versatility and functionality than the paper version
                              1. Notes. Capturing key learning points in a flexible free form template. Allows user to embed mind map or flashcard into the content
                                1. Quizzes. Enables the user to create quick quizzes to check how well you really know your stuff. Track your scores over time and see how you improve.
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