Traditional conservatism

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Traditional conservatism
1 Humans are born selfish, they only want what is in their own best interest. The general population cannot be trusted with government as they will use it for their own benefit rather than that of the community as a whole.
1.1 Therefore the people shall be ruled by a governing class.
1.1.1 'Conservative paternalism', in reference to Edmund Burke relating the government and the people, to a parent with a child.
1.2 It is natural that people think of their interests first and the community's second. Therefore the state must intervene to prevent self interest taking over.
2 Order and security are the most basic needs of mankind and so are the basic functions of a government.
2.1 Hobbes (1589-1679) mankind would favour to lose much of its freedoms in return for a secure existence.
2.1.1 Even today most Conservatives will favour the security of the community above individual rights.
2.2 Preserve and evolve the current social order rather than revolutionise it. (Burke)
3 Preservation of the traditional institutions and values
3.1 The Church of England, Monarchy, Political institutions, British values, the family, marriage and traditional morals.
3.2 'No generation should ever be so rash to consider itself superior to its predecessors'. (Burke)
3.3 The belief that if institutions have endured the test of time then those who have inherited them have no right to change them.
3.3.1 Preservation of institutions and values give a sense of security, promote order and stability.
3.3.2 Suspicion of ideologies which seek to change for the sake of it, beneficial change can still take place.
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