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Counselling mindmap

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  1. It is the process where the counsellor helps the other person to cope and manage better. The counsellor discusses with the employee and helps the person with their own resources.
    1. Benefits of Counselling to Individual includes sense of sufficiency and independence, self-awareness and clarity of mind. It allows the individual to be more inspired and organized and improves his/her decision making skills.
      1. Benefits of Counseling to the Organization includes reduction of absenteeism and turnover rate, increases team support spirit and productivity. It also allows supervisor have better usage of time. Improves public image and fosters employees' loyalty and respect.
        1. Types of problems that requires counselling include Internal problems (In the company). For example: Personality clashes with colleagues, unfair treatment from boss and company issues. It also includes External problems (Outside the company) For example: Family, Finance, Health, Death of kin, gambling and drug problems.
          1. The types of Counseling skills are Listening skills, Observing and Interpreting Body Language, Questioning skills, Paraphrasing and Summarizing, and Empathy.
              1. There are a few similarities and differences between Coaching and Counselling. Both coaching and counselling are used when employees have a negative performance in the job. When the employee lacks job knowledge, coaching is required. On the other hand, when the employee do not have the knowledge to deal with personal problems, counselling is required. Difference: Coaching focuses on the present possibilities and achievement of goals. It is a learning and developmental process. Counselling is a medical or clinical diagnosis of relationship conflicts.
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