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1 Three changes of state are Solid, Liquid and Gas
1.1 The higher the temporature, the more energy the the thing has
1.1.1 Gas spreads around and does not touch
1.1.2 Lquids are looser and move around
1.1.3 Solids are close together and vibrate
2 A common test for finding the presence of water
2.1 Using Cobalt Chloride, soak filter paper in it then dry out paper. Put over object being tested
2.1.1 Cobalt Chloride: COBALT is blue. WATER in the sea is blue
3 Observations of appearances are opaque, translucent and transparent
4 Solute, solvent and solution
4.1 A solution is typically a mixture of a liquid and a dissolved solid
4.2 A solvent is the thing that a solute is being dissolved in
4.2.1 A common solution is water and salt
4.3 A solute is usually the solid being dissolved
4.3.1 Being soluable means that the solute can dissolve SOLUable + SOLUte= SOLU
5 Obtaing Clean water
5.1 Layer of SEDIMENT at the bottom of the container
5.1.1 DECANTING by carefulling pouring just the water into other container Pour dirty water through filter paper into a conicle flask RESIDUE is left in filter paper and FILTRATE (clean water) is now in flask FILTRATE because that is what has been FILTERED through
6 Water Distillation
6.1 Heat water so it evaporates and hits solid object and cools down
6.1.1 Water goes from liquid to gas to liquid to leave salt residue behind
6.2 water distillation is when you receive clean water from salty

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