FreedHearts Action Plan

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FreedHearts action plan to brand, promote and launch True Colors.

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FreedHearts Action Plan
  1. Visibility
    1. True Colors Launch
      1. Get Cards & Postcards
        1. FB Group, date to Launch, foreword, quotes (cover), social media, platforms (# @ FB blogs), book tour, virtual book tour, advance praise, interviews/media, Constant Contact
          1. Cathy Renna Mgg partner Target Cue @cathyrenna, Cyndi Lauper, Joe Solmonese former HRC Pres, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Vicki Beeching, Jennifer Knapp, George Takei, Ben Corey, Spencer Lord "The Brain Mechanic," Trish & Gerald Posner, Ty Herndon Susan Marks Nashville, Insiders Out, Lisa Leff AP Buzzfeed, Chris Johnson, Mike Rogers, Melissa Harris-Perry Show, Kelly Schneider Katherine Schneider Sprinklr, Andy @ Bravo, Scott Wollage, Hiulary Rosen iheartmediaMel White, 40 to None, Gene Robinson, Allyson Robinson, TRP, GCN, HRC, Believe Out Loud, Trevor Project, Clementi Foundation, Reconciling Families, TEN, PFLAG National. John Pavlovitz, Kimberley Knight, Rachel Hockett, Rob Watson, Laura Statesir, Michael Kimpan, Brian MacLaren, Churches, Blog  Followers, APTS, Wendy Gitter, Dan Pearce, Kissing Fish, LGBTQ Nation, Emerging Family, Nat'l G&L Task Force, GLAAD, Austin Women Magazine Molly McManus writer Jen Hatmaker Blog, Rage Against the Minivan, Andy Stanley, Joel Olsteen
            1. Ellen w Audience of LGBTQ Moms!
              1. After Ellen
              2. Oprah
                1. Huff Po
                  1. Cathy Renna
                    1. Bruce Bastian WordPerfect Utah
                      1. Prepare: books, tweets, interviews
                        1. Ty Herndon TC quote
                          1. Austin Women Mag
                          2. Get MIG Preorder Cards
                          3. $
                            1. Set up Patreon: put people on it
                              1. Meet Cathy Bonner
                                1. Meet Lynn Dobson
                                2. Meet Lynn Yeldell
                                  1. Research Grants: get writer (Pam?)
                                    1. Post on FHM
                                      1. Grants: Tim Gil Fund, Arcus Foundation, Mitchell Bold-Bob Williams North Carolina
                                      2. "Has this helped you? If so, please consider donation to help get this to other people need it"--on blog
                                        1. Home Gathering: Meghan Stabler, Kerry Tate, Lynn Dobson, others
                                        2. Visibility
                                          1. Spanish Translations
                                            1. Get quotes on Goodreads, etc
                                              1. Get Box words on Erin Keane
                                              2. Query "O," Christianity today
                                                1. Get on Wikipedia
                                                2. List out and write blog posts
                                                  1. New books: Children's series, community, Dear Susan, Stories [online], 40 Tweets
                                                3. National Parents Coming Out Day: October 18, Lloyd Doggett, Amanda Tyler
                                                  1. Trevor Project: Underground Railroad Connection
                                                    1. Visibility
                                                      1. #
                                                        1. blog
                                                          1. @
                                                            1. 100,000 unique visitors per month
                                                            2. Conferences
                                                              1. MCC, GCN, Creating Change, FU PFLAG Nat'l Conf
                                                                1. Abstract of Content (storyboard) TOP 3 POINTS
                                                                  1. Fill seats Stadiums
                                                                    1. Upcoming talks
                                                                      1. Proposals: prepare content
                                                                      2. TEDx Talk
                                                                        1. Webinars
                                                                          1. MCG
                                                                            1. MIG
                                                                              1. TC: free, underwritten
                                                                              2. MCC Churches
                                                                                1. Austin (Karen Thompson) Houston (Mark Eggleston) San Antonio DFW B/CS
                                                                                2. Cathedral of Hope
                                                                                  1. Abstract: Sales Pitch! Use your experience. Must resonate. Empathetic Story.
                                                                                    1. "For parents, their gay kids, and the church."
                                                                                    2. Brand
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