4. Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished. Consider the claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.


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4. Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished. Consider the claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.
  1. Biology
    1. The value of Biology has been determined by the various applications it has. Our biological knowledge has helped us develop theories such as the one in evolution, has been involved in the development of medicine and many other things. Without all of this applications, our knowledge in biology would be completly useless.
      1. During the first year of my anticipated IB Biology program, I gave the science no importance at all. I had the vision that the science was completely useless and I gave it no value at all. One day, the teacher assigned us an enzimatic activity on the lab, and we had to designed it so that it would relate with human physiology. Following the instructions, I designed a lab with yeasts and the effect of temperature in their activity. I was performing my laboratory and I notices how at high temperatures the activity was greater, and at low temperatures the activity was low. I gave this information absolutely no importance at all, I was only eager of finishing my experiment and leave to a subject I care more about. The teacher saw my discontent with the subject and said "You must be aware this is exactly how it happens in the human body. Doctors use this experiment to study the effect of fevers, and hypothermia. These experimentations have helped develop the modern science of medicine"
        1. In that moment I realised the importance of the experiment I was performing, I started evaluating the acquired knowledge as valuable. In this example, the value of knowledge was determined by its application.
        2. Reason: Our reason is the one thing which leads us to applying our biological knowledge into theories, medicine and other things. Without this reasoning, the applications of these sciences would have been discovered, and the knowledge in the area of biology wouldn't be appreciated as much.
          1. Memory: Without memory, the application of this science would be useless. Memory has helped us develop the methods and theories departing from central knowledge.
        3. To a certain extent, the value of knowledge in areas such as mathematics and sciences is determined by it's application, therefore without an application in the world, the knowledge aqcuired would have no value whatsoever.
          1. Why mathematics? Mathematical knowledge has been given such importance due to the concepts it has helped us resolve. Mathematics has an application in almost every field. Mathematical knowledge has been given such importance because it gives us a quantitative answer to every question we have, and numbers are easy to analyse. Mathematics would be given no value if it had no application whatsoever, people wouldn't make the effort to learn the mathematical theories if they had no application in the world. For instance, in most schools mathematics are a mandatory course, and it is given such importance due to the fact that they are going to follow us wherever we go. The applications of this field in economics, physics, astronomy, business has given it, its importance.
            1. Why Science? Sciences and especially biology have been given such importance due to the applications in has had in the real world. Biology has been given such importance due to medicine and theories it has created. Before all of this analytical development in the science, Biology had no purpose whatsoever, therefore it was given no importance. Before the invention of the fist vaccine, or of the theory in evolution, the biological knowledge had no value and people didn't recognise it as important.
              1. The value of knowledge is determined by the application it is given. Without an application the knowledge is not as valuable. Applications can differ form being easy or hard. For instance, mathematical applications in the real world can range from the most easy to the most difficult. Mathematical knowledge can be applied by using analytical and organised concepts in order to solve non-mathematical problems. Thats why mathematics is given such value, because it creates a wide range of numerical solutions to every problem. Without this reconition, the value of mathematics would not be the same.
            2. Possible Counter-arguments
              1. 1.The value of knowledge is very subjective. For one, the value of a specific type of knowledge may be significant and for another it may be not. To a scientist or mathematician the knowledge may be very important, but not to a philosopher or literate.
                1. 2.Knowledge without application is not diminished because it's enriching to our personal knowledge. Knowledge contributes to various aspects in our life and enrichens our thoughts. If there is not application in the world it doesn't mean it is diminished, it serve the purpose of adding value to our lives.
            3. Knowledge question: How can the value of knowledge be determined?
              1. Who determines the value of knowledge?
                1. Does all knowledge have an application?
                2. Reasons why I'm interested on this title
                  1. 1. I've always wondered if everything I'm learning in school is going to be applied further on. I'm constantly asking myself for the appliations on subjects like mathematics or sciences where complicated formulas are prescribed in order to solve hypothetical problems
                    1. 2. Does all of the knowledge aquired through out out life have an application? I've always asked myself I'f i'm diminishing the value of knowledge by not appliying it. By exploring this title I can really explore the different perspectives.
                      1. 3. I'm also interested on stufying if there are any areas which do not have an application. Our maybe if there are areas which have an application outside our common world, maybe our imaginary or fictional world.
                  2. Mathematics
                    1. Mathematics serves the purpose of making quantitative analysis to enable the studying on various areas in life. Mathematics helps us construct quantitative analysis on the mysteries of the universe. Without the application, mathematics would just be a couple of numbers and formulas with no purpose whatsoever.
                      1. Language: Mathematics is also referred as universal language in which we can communicate equally and draw back the same conclusions.
                        1. Memory: Without memory, the application of this maths would be useless. Memory has helped us develop the methods and theories departing from central knowledge
                        2. I have always known mathematic is one o the key concepts in life but i've never really seen its application in the real world. In 10th grade, when I started studying economics I saw a topic which involved linear functions and equations in order to make quantitative analysis of the behaviour of people and firms. This topic made me recognise the value of a topic that i've never evaluated before. The application defined it's value.
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