Benefits of Using Online MindMaps for E-Learning

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How Mind Maps can help with online learning - student learning, classroom engagement.

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Benefits of Using Online MindMaps for E-Learning
1 Planning
1.1 Plan your curriculum
1.2 Break down a subject
1.3 Map out an essay or exam answer
2 Collaboration
2.1 Share ideas, notes & work
2.2 Produce valuable information
2.3 Creates synergy
3 Participation
3.1 Facilitate discussion
3.2 Brainstorming tool
3.3 Unlocks creativity
4 Exam preparation
4.1 Connect the dots
4.1.1 Give deeper meaning Contribute to exam success
5 Flipping the classroom
5.1 Learn lessons before class
5.1.1 Enrich the learning process Reinforce learning

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