<--What We Do / How We Do It-->

Greg Jantti
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Greg Jantti
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A map showing what is that AcuTech Consulting does.

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<--What We Do / How We Do It-->
  1. Website Development
    1. Web Hosting
      1. E-Mail Services
        1. Domain Registration
    2. Search Engine Opt. (SEO)
      1. Onsite SEO
        1. Rank Watch
        2. Offsite SEO
          1. Analytics
          2. Social Media Opt. (SMO)
            1. Merchant Services
              1. Credit Card Processing
              2. Marketing Services
                1. CRM Development
                  1. Sales Force
                    1. Marketing
                      1. Human Resources
                        1. Accounting Department
                          1. Accounts Payable
                            1. Accounts Receivable
                              1. Taxes
                                1. Payroll
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