Asthma & COPD drugs

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Asthma & COPD drugs
1 Bronchodilators
1.1 Beta Ad-Sympathomimetics
1.1.1 NON-selective Short Acting Anaphylaxis & Acute attack cAMP Bronchodilator and Vasoconstrictor Fixes runny nose and allows breathing Epinephrine Bronchodilation: Chronic Asthma Nervous, tremors, flush, HA, tachycardia, Palpitations, Hypertension Isoprpterenol
1.1.2 Selective Beta 2 Agonist Short Acting cAMP Before Triggering Activity Rescue Drug Albuterol Tremors, nervous, restless, anxious, HA, tachycardia, palpitations, dysrhythmias, HYPERGLYCEMIA cAMP Narrow Angle Glaucoma TACHYCARDIA, HYPERTENSION, HYPERGLYCEMIA, tremors, cardiac arrest, paradox-bronchoconstriction Terbutaline, Metaproterenol Long Acting
1.2 Anticholinergics
1.2.1 Short Acting Prophylactic PNS inhibit SNS Dominate Norepinephrine release-->beta 2 receptors Narrow Angle GlaucomaOverdose: blurred vision, eye pain, HA, palpitations, N, insomnia, tremors Relieves AND Prevents asthma Ipratropium
1.3 Xanthines
1.3.1 Long-Acting=Maintenance cAMP 10-20 >20=toxicity Don't use if Seizure, cardiac, renal, liver disorders S/E: Dysrhythmias, Nervous, Irritable, flush, Dizzy, HYPOTENSION, seizures, GI distress, intestinal bleeding, HYPERGYLCEMIA, tachycardia, palpitations, cardiorespiratory collapse. Theophylline and Aminophylline
2 Anti-Inflammatory
2.1 Steroids
2.1.1 Corticosteriods Prevention: slow onset Fluticasone Tremors, nervous, tachycardia
2.1.2 Glucocorticoids Acute short Term Control Prednisone Numerous: GI ulcers, fat redistribution, weight gain, hyperglycemia, Take with food and taper off if been taking long term
2.2 Mast Cell Stabilizers
2.2.1 Prophylactic Prevention and Maintenance Suppresses Histamine release by stabilizing mast cells Cough, bad taste, rebound bronchospasm w/ long term use. Nedocromil & Cromolyn
2.3 Leukotrienes
2.3.1 Prophylactic Block leukotriene receptors Slow onset: Prevention & Maintenance Dizzyness, HA, GI distress, abnormal liver enzymes, nasal congestion, cough and pharyngitis
3 Mucolytics
3.1 Loosen mucus
3.1.1 Acetaminophen overdose 5 mins after bronchodilator and dilute in juice or soft drink Mucomyst
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