The New Right 1970's

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Created by brabbitt almost 6 years ago
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The New Right 1970's
1 Deregulation of the economy so that the state does less and private companies do more. The state will not prevent private companies from being established
2 Disengagement: state owned companies would not be bailed out by the taxpayer even if it meant people losing jobs.
3 Trade Unions had too much power. They were preventing companies from modernising and their excessive wage demands were causing rising prices making UK industry uncompetitive.
4 Low taxation: Lower taxes give people an incentive to earn more, generating more wealth, meaning they would be less dependent upon government services.
5 Dependency culture: Generous welfare benefits were acting as a disincentive for families to go to work. Benefits needed to be reduced.
6 Government spending needed to be limited and reduced. The less money which government spends then private companies will be able to spend more.

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