Soup Cookery

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Soup cookery mindmap

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Soup Cookery
  1. Widely-Known Soups
    1. Sinigang Soup
      1. Famous in the Philippines
        1. Made from tamarind with kangkong tops or string beans using pork stock
        2. French Onion Soup
          1. Most popular and simplest of all French soups
          2. Olla Podrida
            1. Famous soup of Spain
              1. Puree of black beans, hot sausages, chicken, and ham
              2. Wanton Soup
                1. Chicken, shrimp, and spinach soup from China
                  1. Minced meat is placed inside wrapper called a wanton
                  2. Bouillabase
                    1. Soup famous from France and New Roleans
                      1. Heavy soup and is considered a meal
                    2. Thickened Soups
                      1. Also called potage
                        1. Vegetable Soups
                          1. Cream Soups
                            1. Most craved kind of soup
                              1. "Bisque"
                              2. Purees
                                1. French word for mashed
                              3. Clear Soups
                                1. Bouillon
                                  1. Base from which all clear soups are made
                                    1. French word of "broth"
                                    2. Consomme
                                      1. Clear and sparkling broth from bouillon
                                        1. Clarifying - removing all the sediments so that the soup is clear and sparkling.
                                          1. Decanting - Means to pour off the liquid slowly and gradually without stirring the sediment
                                        2. Broth
                                          1. English name for bouillon
                                            1. Thin soup but is served with different kinds of garnishing
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