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    1. Robert Hooke discovered cell.He saw tiny honeycomb like structures in a slice of cork in 1665.He published Micrographia.
      1. Leeuwenhoek discovered free living cells in pond water in 1674.
        1. Purkinje coined the word protoplasm for fluid part of cell in 1839.
          1. Huxley called protoplasm the physical basis of life in 1868.
            1. Schleiden [1838] and Schwann [1839] proposed the cell theory.
              1. Rudolf Virchow expanded cell theory saying that all cells arise from pre existing cells in 1855.
                1. unicellular organisms are bacteria,chlamydomonas,amoeba and paramecium,etc. [single celled].
                  1. Multicellular organisms are bread mould,penicillium,aspergillus,etc.
                    1. Compound microscope was invented by Z Janssen.
                      1. Electron microscope was discovered by Knoll and Ruska
                        1. Electron microscope uses electromagnets instead of glass lens for magnification and electrons instead of visible light for illumination.
                          1. a cell is able to perform because of cell organelles. Cell is able to perform all basic functions of life
                            1. cell contains cell membrane,nucleus,cytoplasm.
                              1. nucleus+cytoplasm=protoplasm
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