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Chapter 9 Moles Pure Chemistry Secondary 4 Express

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  1. Relative Atomic Mass(Ar)
    1. Average mass of one atom of an element/one twelve of mass of an atom of carbon-12 atom
    2. Relative molecular mass(Mr)
      1. Mass of one molecule of an element or compound/one twelve of an atom of carbon-12 atom
      2. Percentage composition of an element
        1. [(atoms of element) x Ar]/Mr x 100%
        2. 1 mole of anything=6 x 10^23
          1. Molar mass
            1. No.of atoms=Mr/Mass of one atom
            2. Empirical Formula
              1. 1)Write mass/percentage.2)Find the number of moles(divide by Ar).3)Divide by smallest no.4)Find molar ratio
              2. Molecular Formula
                1. n=molecular formula/empirical formula
                2. No. of moles of gas:vol of gas in dm3/24dm3
                  1. 24dm3=24000cm3
                    1. concentration of a solution
                      1. Mass of solute=concentration(g/dm3) x Vol.(dm3)
                        1. No. of moles of solute:Concentration(mol/dm3) x Vol.(dm3)
                        2. Mass=Moles x Ar
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