linguistic system

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mapa psicolinguistica

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linguistic system
1 creativity of language
1.1 It is one capable of producing new linguistic forms, which can be both words and grammatical structures.
1.2 participation of the senses is required
1.3 man is The only species having a unlimited language
2 Language requires making references to speaker's own condition, and also their socio-cultural environment, within which It works every language
3 Language is the main communication system for the human species.
3.1 Linguists tend to refer to human language as a single entity, even though there are many different versions spoken by thousands of different language communities throughout the world.
3.1.1 The fact that all humans have language similar function organization and strongly suggests that language is part of the human biological endowment
4 comunicación, lenguaje y habla
4.1 Communication is the exchange of information between two or more beings.
4.2 ideas, objects or actions are language codes
4.3 verbal expression of language is what is called speech.
5 rrelationship with psychology
5.1 Psychology refers to human behavior within a society, of which language is considered a form of conduct, in order to serve as a means of communication between humans
5.1.1 Psychology and Linguistics can help each other for better understanding child and man, and ate their main means of communication The Psicoling'üística pretend to study phenomena that are rooted in the development parallel and complementary of linguistics and psychology.
6 types of communication
6.1 nonlinguistic
6.1.1 images, gestures, grimaces, colors, hieroglyphs etc.
6.2 linguistic
6.2.1 oral and written
7 language pathologies
7.1 pronounced imbalances between the level of intellectual development and language skills is observed
7.2 Williams Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes severe slowdown
7.2.1 Children with Williams syndrome are deficient in many other aspects of cognition. While some aspects of language are impaired
8 we may assume that general intelligence is the system responsible for generating the "language of thought"