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Year 9 English, Art, SOST (English) Mind Map on Film Study, created by Sally Stroobant on 08/11/2015.

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Film Study
  1. Camera Shots
    1. Close up
      1. A whole object fills the screen. A close up can show a character's feelings or emphasise a detail such as a weapon or a clue or a telephone.
      2. Medium shot
        1. Shows the upper part of one or more people's bodies and/or some of the place they're in. A mid shot can show body language and expressions.
        2. Long shot
          1. A long shot shows place or setting.
          2. Extreme close up
            1. Shows a very specific part of an object or person. Like the trigger on the gun or the eyes of a person.
          3. Camera angles
            1. Eye level
              1. A neutral angle, as if the camera was filming from a normal veiw.
              2. High angle
                1. The camera looks down on the subject from above. This can make objects or people look weak or vulnerable.
                2. Low angle
                  1. The camera looks up at the subject from below (somthimes called a worms-eye view). This can make objects or people look dominant and important.
                  2. Angle
                    1. Describes the position from which the camera shoots.
                  3. Soundtrack
                    1. Music
                      1. Sound effects
                        1. Voice and/or dialouge
                          1. Natural sound
                            1. Voice-over
                              1. Silence
                                1. Diegetic and Non diegetic
                                  1. Diegetic sound is natural sound that hasn't been added in while editing
                                    1. Non-diegetic sound has been added in while editing like voice-overs and sound effects
                                  2. Terminology
                                    1. Still/Frame
                                      1. What you see when you pause a DVD film.
                                      2. Shots
                                        1. A continuous peice of film made up of many frames.
                                        2. Shots
                                          1. A section of a story (that takes place in one location, and/or one continuous time sequence.
                                          2. Sequence
                                            1. A number of scenes that make up one part of a film, eg the beginning.
                                            2. Cut/Edit
                                              1. A change from one shot to the next.
                                              2. Film director
                                                1. The person who directs the making of a film.
                                                2. Film editor
                                                  1. A person who assembles shots to create a coherent film. Film editors pull together story, dialogue, music, soound effects, visual effects, and have a very important role in the success of the final film.
                                                  2. Main character
                                                    1. A person who plays an imprtant part in the film's action and events
                                                    2. Angle
                                                      1. Describes the position from which the camera shoots.
                                                    3. Camera movemnt
                                                      1. Tracking shot
                                                        1. The camera moves smoothly on a track to follow the action
                                                        2. Crane shot
                                                          1. The camera and camera operator are carried by a crane in any direction to give a smooth swooping shot, usually from above. Also called a boom shot
                                                          2. Aerial shot
                                                            1. Filmed from a plane or helicopter to show a wide view of a landscape.
                                                            2. Panning shot
                                                              1. The camera is fixed but turns from one side to the other to show place or follow action.
                                                              2. Zoom shot
                                                                1. A zoom lens moves the shot closer to, or further away from, the object in a smooth action
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