Guiding Principles of Governance

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Sec 3 SS: Governance in Singapore

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Guiding Principles of Governance
  1. "Leadership is Key"
    1. Leaders
      1. Capable
        1. Maintain stability of government
        2. Integrity
          1. Make the right decisions for SG
          2. Honesty
            1. To win confidence and respect of people
          3. Potentials specially selected and groomed for years
          4. "Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant"
            1. NEWater
              1. Future self-sufficiency in water supply
                1. Communication with people that NEWater is safe
                  1. Water agreement with Malaysia ending in 2061
                  2. Integrated Resorts
                    1. Improving tourism industry to compete regionally
                      1. Two IRs at Marina Bay and Sentosa
                        1. Offer world-class attractions
                        2. Taking risks
                          1. Citizens encouraged to come up with creative and innovative ideas
                            1. Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Competition
                        3. "Reward for Work and Work for Reward"
                          1. Meritocracy
                            1. Reward hard work and talent
                              1. Encourage people to strive and work well
                                1. Students with good results and CCA contributions rewarded
                                  1. Edusave Scholarship
                                    1. Edusave Merit Bursary
                                  2. Equal opportunities to achieve and be rewarded
                                  3. "Grow and Share" package
                                    1. Surplus shared with all citizens
                                      1. Healthcare for retiring elderly
                                        1. Recognizing NS men
                                          1. Investing in next generation
                                            1. Reward low-wage workers
                                              1. Living expenses for low income families
                                            2. "A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for All"
                                              1. Citizens have a say in decision-making
                                                1. Feedback sessions on building casino in IR
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