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Resource summary

  1. Precces: Perform Integrated Change Control Process Group: Monitoring & Controlling Knowledge Area: Integration Management
    1. PM ROL: Responsable
      1. Keep in mind, however, that just because a change is requested it does not mean the change has to be it can be rejected.
        1. Project Mngmt. Plan
          1. EEf
            1. OPAs
              1. Change Requests
                1. Change Requests Status Updates
                  1. Project Mngmt Plan Updates
                    1. Project Doc. Updates
                      1. Tools
                        1. CCB


                          • Change Control Board: 
                        2. Work Performance Report
                          1. PMIS
                            1. Make only the change that are right for your project
                              1. Change Log
                                1. All changes, even the ones that don´t get approved, are written in the chage logs
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