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Dipa Karmakar
  1. About her early life:Hailing from Agartala in Tripura, Karmakar started her school life and education in Abhoynagar Nazrul Smriti Vidyalaya; she started practicing gymnastics when she was only 6 years old and has been coached by Soma Nandi & Bishweshwar Nandi since. When she began gymnastics, Karmakar had flat feet, an undesirable physical trait in a gymnast because it affects their performance. Through extensive training, she was able to develop an arch in her foot. In 2008, she won the Junior Nationals in Jalpaiguri. Since 2007, Karmakar has won 77 medals, including 67 gold, in state, national and international championships.[16] She was part of the Indian gymnastics contingent at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.
    1. Career: In a career span of 9 years, Karmakar has earned a total of 77 medals out of which 67 are gold at the state, national, and world championships. Dipa is one of the only 5 women to have performed the Produnova (difficulty level 7) vault. She has also made a record score of 15.100, the highest in the competition.
      1. Awards: Arjuna Award (2015) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award (2016) Padma Shri (2017) - fourth highest Indian national honor. 2017: Among Forbes’ list of super achievers from Asia under the age of 30 Dronacharya Award - to her coach Bishweshwar Nandi. Gold - FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Challenge Cup at Mersin, Turkey Bronze - FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup at Cottbus, Germany
        1. Inspiration: Everyone can do everything they like, just with some effort and hard work, you can change the world
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