Sab7#32 Controlling Integrated

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Sab7#32 Controlling Integrated
  1. Any time you need to make a change to your plan, you need to start with a change request. This is a document that either you or the person making the change needs to create. Any change to your project needs to be DOCUMENTED so you can figure out what needs to be done. Once you have a change request, that then kicks off your project´s set of change control PROCEDURES.
    1. The KEY here is PROCEDURE change control is about how your company handles changes
      1. CCB : Change Control Board


        • This Group of people decides the changes when this change affect the scope.
        1. For the exam, assume that all projects have CCB
        2. PMIS
        3. Precess: Perform Integrated Change Control Process Group: Monitoring & Controlling Knowledge Area: Integration Management
          1. PM ROL: RESPONSABLE
            1. Every change in ejecution needs a change request.
              1. How will the change affect all the other project constraints?
                1. Communicate Steakholders envolved
                  1. Update Planning documentations
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