The African Component

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Time line: AD 500 -1990s

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The African Component
  1. AD500: Bantu Speakers establish themselves south of the Limpopo River
    1. Time Immemorial
      1. 1795: Beginning of colonial era
        1. 1795: First British Occupation of the Cape
          1. 1803-1806: Cape under Batavian rule
            1. 1806: second British occupation of the Cape
              1. 1800s: First official recognition of indigenous African law in Transkeian territories
              2. 1900: Beginning of post-colonial era
                1. 1910: Est of SA as a Union
                  1. Black Administration Act of 1927 unifies colonial legislation on indigenous law
                  2. 1990: Beginning of constitutional era
                    1. Indigenous law receives recognition as a source of SA law in SA Constitution
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