Additive Manufacturing (AM)

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Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  1. Machine suppliers
    1. Renishaw (UK)
      1. ARCAM ( Sweden)
        1. EOS (Germany)
          1. Phenix Systems (France)
            1. Matsuura Machinery (Japan)
              1. Asiga (Japan)
                1. Concept Laser (Germany)
                  1. Farsoon Hi-Tech Company (China)
                    1. ReaLizer (Germany)
                      1. SLM Solutions (Germany)
                        1. Aeroetech (USA)
                          1. ExOne (Germany)
                            1. Sciaky Inc (USA)
                              1. Optomec (USA)
                                1. ExOne (USA)
                                2. Types of AM techniques to process metallic components
                                  1. Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)
                                    1. Selective Laser Melting ( SLM)
                                      1. Electron Beam Melting (EBM)
                                        1. Selection Laser Sintering (SLS)
                                        2. Academia and Other organisations
                                          1. Nottingham University
                                            1. Loughborough University
                                              1. Exeter University
                                                1. Sheffield University
                                                  1. Lancaster University
                                                    1. Cardiff University
                                                      1. University of Manchester
                                                        1. The Mercury Center (Sheffield)
                                                          1. Newcastle University
                                                            1. University of Bath
                                                              1. University of Birmingham
                                                                1. Cranfield University
                                                                  1. Birmingham City University
                                                                    1. Oak ridge national laboratory (USA)
                                                                    2. Standards
                                                                      1. ASTM International Technical Commitee F42 (ASTM F2792, ISO/ASTM 52915 and ISO/ASTM 52921)
                                                                        1. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ISO/TC 261 Additive Manufacturing Technical Committee (EN ISO 17296 Parts 1 to 4)
                                                                        2. Industry
                                                                          1. GE Aviation
                                                                            1. Rolls Royce
                                                                              1. MTC
                                                                                1. GKN
                                                                                  1. 3T RPD Ltd
                                                                                    1. AWE Plc
                                                                                      1. NPL
                                                                                        1. BAE systems
                                                                                          1. Avio Aero
                                                                                            1. Atkins
                                                                                              1. Within Technologies Ltd (Software based)
                                                                                                1. GE Oil and Gas
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