To what extent would removing the immortals improve or weaken the poem?


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To what extent would removing the immortals improve or weaken the poem?
  1. Immortals + Roles
    1. Athene
      1. Tells Telemachus that Odysseus is alive, sends him to search
        1. Convinces Zeus to help Odysseus while Poseidon is away
          1. Helps Odysseus think while being shipwrecked
          2. Gives Nausicaa the idea to go down to river, thus finding Odysseus
            1. Makes Odysseus look more attractive when found, so Nausicaa wants to help him
              1. Helps Odysseus find Nausicaa's home, keeps others from seeing him, and gives him useful advice about the family
          3. Poseidon
            1. Is angry at Odysseus for blinding the Cyclops
              1. Shipwrecks Odysseus on Calypso's island
                1. Means the other Immortals have to wait for him to leave to help Odysseus
                  1. Creates a storm to shipwreck Odysseus when he leaves Calypso's
              2. Basically the reason for most of Odysseus' adventures
              3. Ino
                1. Gives Odysseus the veil to keep him safe when shipwrecked
                2. Hermes
                  1. Delivers the message to Calypso to free Odysseus
                  2. Calypso
                    1. Falls in love with Oddyseus
                      1. Keeps Odysseus trapped for 10 years
                  3. Relationship between Immortals and Mortals
                    1. The phaeacians are favoured by the gods
                      1. Often Immortals interfere in the life of mortals - Calypso/Poseidon and Odysseus
                        1. Calypso stops him going home, Poseidon also traps him
                        2. Much of what mortals do is to please Gods
                          1. Mutual respect - Athene and Odysseus
                            1. (May not use)
                            2. Relationships between Immortals
                              1. Rarely openly defy each other
                                1. The other gods wait till Poseidon is gone to help Odysseus
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