International Organizations

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This is a mind map of the definitions of IO.

Resource summary

International Organizations
  1. Types of Relations between states
    1. Transgovernmental
      1. Transnational
      2. Relations among States
        1. Trade
          1. Diplomacy
            1. Conferences
              1. International Org.
              2. Wallace and Singer
                1. Two qualified States of the Intl. Community
                  1. More or less regular plenary sessions
                    1. Permanent Secretariat and Permanent HQ.
                    2. Keohane & Nye - Global Interaction Types:
                      1. Communication
                        1. Transportation
                          1. Finance
                            1. Travel
                            2. Rodolfo Bocanegra
                              1. Judge Defines IO as:
                                1. More than 3 States
                                  1. Full voting rights and open membership
                                    1. Formal Structure
                                      1. Various nationalities of officers
                                        1. Substantial budget contribution
                                          1. Independence of other IOs
                                            1. Evidence of activities
                                              1. Negative criteria not needed
                                              2. Pleno and Riggs
                                                1. Permanent organization to function
                                                  1. Voluntary membership
                                                    1. Basic instrument stating goals
                                                      1. Broadly representative organ
                                                        1. Permanent Secretariat
                                                        2. Most important
                                                          1. Aim
                                                            1. Structure
                                                              1. Structure
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