Research Project Mind Map

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mind map of research project

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Research Project Mind Map
  1. English
    1. Writing a book
      1. Writing Health book for children with autism
    2. Media
      1. Creating a Film
        1. How can film raise awareness to social issues?
          1. Creating a film to raise awareness of the effect of the minimisation of whales
      2. History
        1. Conspiracy Theories
          1. JFK Assassination
            1. 9/11
              1. Princess Diana
              2. Salem Witch Trials
                1. Witchcraft
                  1. Mythology
            2. Science
              1. Anxiety
                1. Abortion
                  1. Effect of trauma to brain (children)
                    1. Effect of abuse on brain
                      1. Animal Behaviour/Marine biology
                        1. Whales in captivity
                          1. Effect on environment
                            1. Behaviour and development of captive whales
                          2. Raising awareness of the minimisation of whales and its effect
                2. Continue/Expland Yr 10 Personal Project (Sun-Smart Bathing Suit)
                  1. Improve materials/design
                  2. Health
                    1. Creating board game fot autistic children
                      1. Weight Loss (Journey)
                        1. Creating product to promote health
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