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Mark Kelly
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Mark Kelly
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My Cultural Mind Map

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CUltural Mind Map
  1. Sport/Exercise
    1. I have played soccer since I was 4 years old and continue to play still at the age of 35. I also enjoy walks with my partner and involving myself with the childrens sports.
      1. I use exercise as an outlet from everyday life, getting out and exercising helps me to forget and overcome any adversities that may have arisen during my day, returning with a positive attidue.
        1. I have a vast and varying knowledge on sport in general as I enjoy watching and playing any type of sport, as well as reading or conversing about sports with like minded people.
        2. Work
          1. I have worked in production work for nearly fifteen years until recently moving to retail work, working both in the shop on the tills and going out on deliveries.
            1. Working part time to fit in around uni commitments and family life, the days are quite hectic as I try and cram everything into the little time allowed. I enjoy the differing routine of my current job opposed to the repitition of my previous jobs.
              1. Having worked across a number of industries and fields I have gained numerous skills and a wide knowledge base in the workforce. Having this knowledge is pointless unless I can use it to further improve myself and my current role.
              2. Children
                1. I have four children in total, 2 of my own and 2 step children. They vary in age from 15 to 8, there are 3 boys and 1 girl in our family.
                  1. I try to behave towards and with my children the way I wish to see them grow up and treat others around them. We try to squeeze as much family time in as we can around work and sporting commitments whether that be board games at home or visiting many places of interest for them.
                    1. Having 2 children of my own before moving in with my partner and increasing our family to 6 (4 children and 2 adults) before this I had begun gaining an understanding of how children work, increasing the number changed the dynamic completely and has been good for not only myself but the children as we have learned to deal with many more situations that may not have arisen before. Some of this knowledge will also help me when I graduate and enter the world of teaching
                    2. Music
                      1. I have listened to music as long as I can remember, I dont play a musical instrument yet i have a distinct taste in the music I like. Having attended many concerts also gives an appreciation of just how talented good musicians actually are.
                        1. I listen to music anywhere I can, whether it is in the car or around the house, while exercsing or just to sitting down to relax. The style of music I listen is generally determined by the activity I'm doing at the time i.e. fast and louder for exercising or slower more mellow whilst relaxing.
                          1. Listening to music throughout my life I have gained knowledge of many different styles of music. Not only different genres but how music has elvolved and changed in style but being able to place certain styles with different eras in time.
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