Colombian Peace Deal

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Colombian Peace Deal
1 It is an agreement for peace in Colombia
1.1 between
1.1.1 Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos
1.1.2 FARC Rodrigo Londoño Se disponía a regresar a Colombia después de cuatro años de negociaciones en La Habana
2 Through
2.1 Plebiscite
2.1.1 This had two options YES 49.8 percent voting in favor NO 20.2 percent voted against
3 The opinion of all Colombians was divided
4 The FARC reiterates its disposition to use only words as a weapon to build toward the future
5 This was an opportunity
5.1 to finish
5.1.1 Abductions killings etc to start lives as Normal citizens, to receive reduced sentences for war crimes.
6 According to the results
6.1 Francisco Santos said
6.1.1 “We want to redo the process”
6.1.2 A vice president under Mr. Uribe
6.2 the war lasted so long that it might have been difficult for many Colombians to forgive the FARC.
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