Support Services

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the different types of support services and their descriptions

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Support Services
  1. sign language
    1. usually used by the deaf or people that can not use a spoken language. Sign language is able to provide a full language system for them, and enables them to communicate easily.
    2. mentors
      1. usually people who are highly experienced in a certain job/ activity, they advised others that are new or less experienced They are able to explain issues and provide guidance
      2. Speech therapists
        1. provide assessment and therapy for people with speech, language or other communication problems. a range of approaches/ therapy will be used in order to improve peoples communication abilities
        2. psychologists
          1. work in the filed of mental health and sometimes provide assessment and therapy to people who have emotional or psychological problems.
          2. makaton
            1. is a system for developing language that uses speech, signs and symbols to help people with learning difficulties to communicate and develop their language skills.
            2. Befrienders
              1. seek to create a supportive relationship with others. have good communicate skills that enable them to listen to, and build an understanding of a service users views and feelings.
              2. Advocates
                1. used when people are not able to communicate because of certain illnesses or disabilities. an advocate is someone that speaks for someone else
                2. translators
                  1. Translators are people who change record material from one to another. it involves the communication of meaning between different languages
                  2. counsellors
                    1. they are there to help people, they spend time listening and building an understanding of their clients problems.
                    2. Braille
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