Ways I Waste Time

Jianna Boswell
Mind Map by Jianna Boswell, updated more than 1 year ago
Jianna Boswell
Created by Jianna Boswell almost 6 years ago


This is a mind map that I can refer back to whenever I find myself wasting time on these various things.

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Ways I Waste Time


  • Hd
  1. Social media
    1. Instagram
      1. Kik
        1. Snapchat
        2. Listening to music
          1. Pandora
            1. Spotify
              1. Downloaded playlist (on cell phone)
              2. Surfing the web
                1. Celebrity gossip
                  1. Irrelevant research
                  2. Window shopping
                    1. Amazon shopping
                      1. Ebay shopping
                        1. Wanelo
                        2. Doing unnecessary work
                          1. Studying things I already know
                            1. Re-organizing
                            2. Not asking questions
                              1. Youtube
                                1. The Boondocks
                                  1. School Supply Hauls
                                    1. Natural Hair Videos
                                    2. Downloading apps
                                      1. School apps
                                        1. Productivity apps
                                        2. Overthinking
                                          1. Why minorities are looked down upon by white people
                                            1. Why white people run the world
                                              1. Are black people the real Jews?
                                                1. Biblical proof
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