Bulimia Nervosa

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A brief about Bulimia Nervosa

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Bulimia Nervosa
  1. Symptomology
    1. Somantic
      1. Damage to esophagus from vomiting
        1. Wearing away of tooth enamel.
          1. Swollen salivary glands
            1. Stomach or intestinal problems
              1. Heart problems
      2. Cognitive
        1. Negative self and body image
          1. Low self esteem
            1. Perfectionism
        2. Behavioural
          1. Binging and purging
            1. Use of laxatives
              1. Excessive exercise
                1. Periods of fasting
          2. Affective
            1. Extreme concern for body shape and weight
              1. Out of control binge eating
                1. Feeling ashamed and guilty of overeating
              2. Fear of gaining weight.
            2. Etiology
              1. BLOA
                1. Kendler et al 1991: Studied 2000 female twins & found a concordance rate of 23% in monozygotic twins & 9% in dizygotic twins
                  1. Carraso 2000 : Found bulimic patients had lower levels of serotonin, causing this to be a possible cause.
                  2. CLOA
                    1. Bruch 1962: Body-Image distortion hypothesis Individuals with an eating disorder have delusions they are fat.
                      1. Polivy & Herman 1985 : Cognitive inhibition, All or nothing judgement,Binge eating
                      2. SCLOA
                        1. Media, Celebrities & Propaganda
                          1. Social Pressure & Culture
                        2. Treatment
                          1. Biomedical: SSRI is used to cure depression that is a cause factor for binging and purging - Serotonin levels are increased without altering the noradrenaline levels
                            1. Group therapy
                              1. McKisack et al. 1997 : Found that if patients had similar characteristics the therapy was longer and dealt with intensive sessions plus additional treatment components.
                                1. Schmidt et al. 2007: Compared a test of CBT to family therapy in a group of 85 adolescents. It was also said that this resolves the disorder faster than other types of treatments.
                                2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy addresses "the cognitive aspects of bulimia, such as obsession with body weight, dichotomous thinking (an all-or nothing view of one-self) and negative self-image in combination with behavioral components of the disease such as binge eating and vomiting”
                                  1. Wilson 1996: Found CBT was very successful, and that if medication, such as Prozac, and CBT where combined as a whole treatment, the success rate of recovery would we doubled
                                3. Eating disorder
                                  1. Prevalance
                                    1. General Population Rate 2% of adults (can be considered as age rate)
                                      1. Cultural Rates Similar prevalence rates from US found in Japan, Norway and some European countries More common in industrialized and metropolitian regions
                                        1. Gender Rates Female:Male:: 10:1 2-3 % of women 0.02-0.03% of men
                                        2. Source-http://bulimiapsychology.weebly.com/
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