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Elizabeth Clifford
Created by Elizabeth Clifford over 6 years ago
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Chapter 43: Market Research
Marketing Strategies
1 Role of Marketing
1.1 Strategic role
1.1.1 Choice
1.1.2 Standard of Living
1.1.3 Employment
1.1.4 Brand Awareness
1.1.5 Increasing Market Share
1.2 Interdependence
1.2.1 Finance Influences pricing strategies Budgets and forecasts for promotional campaigns
1.2.2 Operations Product features suit target market
1.2.3 HR Staff have appropriate skills and training
1.3 Approaches
1.3.1 Production
1.3.2 Selling
1.3.3 Marketing
1.4 Types of markets
1.4.1 Resource
1.4.2 Industrial
1.4.3 Intermediate
1.4.4 Consumer Mass Market Segment Niche Market
2 Influences
2.1 Consumer Choice
2.1.1 Psychological factors Motivation Perception Learning Beliefs and attitudes lifestyle Personality and self-concept
2.1.2 Sociocultural factors Occupation Customs Place of residence Cultural beliefs and attitudes Socioeconomic status
2.1.3 Economic factors Income Economic Conditions Downturns / Depressions i.e. GFC Upswings / Boom Currency fluctuations
2.1.4 Government factors Laws Competition and Consumer Act (2010) Cth Links to Consumer laws Enforced by ACCC Age Restrictions i.e. alcohol Promotion of socially acceptable behaviours i.e. Quit Smoking Campaign
2.2 Consumer Laws
2.2.1 Deceptive and Misleading Advertising
2.2.2 Price Discrimination
2.2.3 Implied Warranty
2.2.4 Resale Price Maintenance
2.3 Ethics
2.3.1 Truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising
2.3.2 Products that may damage health
2.3.3 Fair Competition Sugging!!!
3 Marketing Processes
3.1 Marketing Plan
3.1.1 Executive Summary
3.1.2 Situational Analysis SWOT Product Lifecycle
3.1.3 Market Research Primary Data Observation Surveys Experiments Secondary Data Internal Annual reports Previously collected data External Commercial Data Govt Publications
3.1.4 Market Objectives SMART! Increase Market Share Expand into new geographic markets Expand product range
3.1.5 Target Market Mass Niche Market Segment
3.1.6 Marketing Strategies Product Price Place Promotion
3.1.7 Implementation, Monitoring and Controlling Sales Analysis Market Share Analysis Marketing Profitability Analysis
4 Marketing Strategies
4.1 Market Segmentation
4.1.1 Geographic
4.1.2 Demographic
4.1.3 Psychographic
4.1.4 Behavioural
4.2 Positioning
4.3 Marketing Mix
4.3.1 Product Branding Packaging
4.3.2 Price Methods Cost Plus Margin Market based Competition based Strategies Loss-leader Discount Price Market Skimming Penetration Pricing Price Points
4.3.3 Place Channels Producer - Consumer Producer - Retailer - Consumer Producer - Distributor - Retailer - Consumer Methods Intensive Distribution Selective Distribution Exclusive Distribution Physical Distribution Issues Transport Warehousing Inventory
4.3.4 Promotion Above the line Advertising Personal Selling Sales promotion Relationship Marketing Below the Line Publicity & Public Relations Opinion Leaders
4.3.5 New P's Physical Evidence People Processes
4.4 Global Marketing
4.4.1 Global Branding
4.4.2 Standardisation / Differentiation
4.4.3 Competitive Positioning

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