Human relationships

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Human relationships
1 Roles
1.1 Men
1.1.1 More important + in charge "Adam was formed first and then Eve" - Timothy
1.1.2 Equal but in charge
1.1.3 Equal
1.1.4 Provide for their family
1.1.5 Love their wives
1.2 Women
1.2.1 Run the home
1.2.2 Raise the children
1.2.3 Obey their husbands "Wives be submissive to your husband" - Peter
1.2.4 Share childcare/housework Jesus included women in his miracles
1.3 Gender discrimination
1.3.1 Catholic: equal but different roles
2 Marriage
2.1 To avoid loneliness, feels right, love, security, start a family
2.2 Bride comes down aisle in father's arms: father "gives" her to the groom
2.3 Minister talks about family and beliefs
2.4 Declarations and vows
2.5 Rings
2.6 Proclamation
2.7 Prayers
2.8 Readings
2.9 Signing
3 Civil partnerships
3.1 Free to commit each other, God made them that way and loves them
3.2 Catholic: sin, not be allowed
3.2.1 Bible written different time for a different society
3.3 Accept feelings but sex is wrong
3.4 Interpret Bible as acceptable but not if not in love
4 Divorce
4.1 Arguments
4.2 Violence
4.3 Cheating
4.4 Pressure and conflict from children
4.5 "He must not divorce her as long as he lives"
4.6 Couple joined by God, divorce does not have the power to destroy God's bond
4.7 Omnibenevolent so wouldn't want couple to suffer together, forgive
4.8 Catholic: marriage can't have been true
5 Remarriage
5.1 Forgiven and fresh new marriage
5.2 Catholic: still married in God's eyes, new marriage is no valid, cheating

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