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(including literary perspectives) 9-Li, Ma'am Janice

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  1. interpreting, analyzing, and evaluating
    1. comes from Greek word kritikos, meaning to judge or to decide
      1. improves reading skill and develops critical reading
        1. Literary Perspectives
          1. using different lenses to understand a text
            1. use of literary theory or specific method, approach, or viewpoint to interpret, analyze, or evaluate works of literature
              1. types
                1. Formalist
                  1. structure
                    1. set of conventions of accepted practices
                      1. detailed and subtle analysis
                      2. Biographical
                        1. use of biographical information about an author to gain insight into the author's work
                        2. Historical
                          1. use of information about the time during which an author wrote/the time is set
                          2. Social Class
                            1. refers to economic power or social class membership
                              1. class we belong to determines our degree of economic, political, and social advantage
                              2. Gender
                                1. people of different genders see things differently
                                  1. examine patterns of thought, behavior, value, and power interaction between sexes
                                  2. Reader-Response
                                    1. reader brings his/her own thoughts, experiences, and moods to the text
                                      1. text is less important that connection between reader and text
                                  3. Literary Criticism's 3 Questions
                                    1. Interpretative
                                      1. What does this work of literature mean?
                                      2. Analytic
                                        1. How does this piece of literature work?
                                        2. Evaluative
                                          1. Is this work of literature any good?
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