Shanelle Burton

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core values

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Shanelle Burton
  1. Compassion


    • Love and care about what it is that you do.
    1. Love
      1. Care
        1. Kindness
        2. Purpose


          • The reason for being. Why do you do what you do? Knowing that each experience and encounter is purposeful and ultimately serves as part of your purpose in life.
          1. Reason
            1. Point
              1. Being
              2. Integrity


                • Doing what is right in addition to being able develop a relationship of trust.
                1. Honesty
                  1. Ethics
                    1. Morals
                    2. Professionalism


                      • Education has no limitations and neither does your profession. Therefore there will always be an opportunity to invest in yourself and your knowledge of your profession so invest in yourself as much as possible.
                      1. Education
                        1. Invest
                        2. Ambition


                          • Desire to achieve success by being an aspiration and setting goals to reach the ideal vision.
                          1. Goals
                            1. Plan
                              1. Vision
                                1. Desire
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