Roles and responsibilities of a teacher

Liezel Cilliers
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Liezel Cilliers
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Mind Map on Roles and responsibilities of a teacher, created by Liezel Cilliers on 08/21/2015.

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Roles and responsibilities of a teacher
  1. Representative of society
    1. Uphold values of society
      1. Uphold morals of society
        1. Teacher may be a parent as well
        2. Judge
          1. Assess marks
            1. Evaluate progress
            2. Resource provider
              1. Website
                1. Instructional material
                  1. Readings
                    1. Lesson plans
                      1. Assessment tools
                        1. Manager of classroom
                          1. School leader
                            1. Committee members
                              1. Grade head
                            2. Referee
                              1. Settle disputes
                                1. Detective
                                2. Motivator
                                  1. Increase learners confidence
                                    1. Confidante
                                      1. Helper
                                        1. Counsellor
                                        2. Mentor
                                          1. Novice teachers
                                            1. Politics
                                              1. Procedures and practices
                                                1. Curriculum
                                                2. Children
                                                  1. Surrogate parent
                                                    1. Object of affection
                                                    2. Life long learner
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