color theory

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color theory
  1. well as a designer in the digital era you certainly don't have to stick to the colors available from paints,inks,or other.
    1. The Basic: understanding color
      1. the color wheel
        1. Color Terms
          1. Hue
            1. Shade
              1. tone
                1. tint
                  1. saturation
                  2. value
                  3. Color Harmony
                    1. Monochromatic
                      1. Analogous
                        1. Complementary
                          1. Split
                            1. Triadic
                              1. Tetradic
                            2. Color Inspiration
                              1. The Psychology color
                                1. Color Symbolism
                                  1. Alternate meanings
                                    1. Red
                                      1. Green
                                        1. Blue
                                        2. In Brainding
                                          1. Black
                                            1. Orange
                                            2. White
                                              1. Yellow
                                                1. Purple
                                              2. Color In Desing
                                                1. Color in marketing & branding
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