The Qualities Of Sound

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Created by cjones.45 almost 6 years ago
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The Qualities Of Sound
1 Duration
1.1 The length of a sound
1.1.1 it depends on how long we allow the object producing the sound to vibrate
1.2 How long or short the sound is
2 Tone colour
2.1 The quality of a sound, or the distinct sound made by an instrument or voice
2.1.1 The unique sound or tone
3 Pitch
3.1 The highness or lowness of a sound
3.1.1 The faster the vibrations, the more high-pitched the sound The slower the vibrations, the more low pitched the sound
4 Dynamics/ Volume
4.1 The loudness or softness of a sound
4.1.1 The volume depends on the size of the vibrations, which depends on the force we use to set up the vibrations.
5 Structure
5.1 The sections in the music
6 Texture
6.1 The layers of sound
6.1.1 There are thick and thin textures

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