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  1. Acid
    1. Hydrogen ions (H)
      1. P.H. of 6 and below
        1. Turns Blue litmus red
          1. Neutralises bases
          2. Base
            1. Turns red litmus blue
              1. P.Hof 8-14
                1. Neutralises acids
                2. Alkali
                  1. Base dissolved in water
                    1. Hydroxide ions OH-
                    2. Concentrated and dilute
                      1. Concentrated acid
                        1. Large amount of hydrogen ions and a small amount of water
                        2. Dilute acid
                          1. Large amount of water and a small amount of hydrogen ions
                        3. ION
                          1. An ion is an atom that has lost or gained one or more electrons
                          2. Atoms
                            1. Protons
                              1. Are Much larger
                                1. Positive charge
                                2. Electrons
                                  1. are extremely small
                                    1. Negative Charge
                                    2. Neutrons
                                      1. Are large
                                        1. A similar mass to protons
                                          1. Have no charge
                                          2. Electron arrangement
                                            1. 2,8,8
                                          3. Periodic Table
                                            1. Parts of the periodic table
                                              1. Rows of elements which go horizontally called periods
                                                1. collumns (vertically)
                                                2. Mass Number
                                                  1. Mass number is the number of protons and neutrons total in the nucleus
                                                  2. Atomic Numbers
                                                    1. Equals number of protons and electrons in a nucleus
                                                    2. Element
                                                      1. Substance consisting of atoms that are the same or have the same atomic number
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