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Mind Map of Mechanic's External Level 1 Science

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  1. Speed
    1. Calculating Speed, Time and Distance
      1. Interpreting Distance Time Graphs
        1. Calculating Speed from a distance- time graph
        2. Acceleration
          1. Interpreting the Acceleration of a Object
            1. Calculate Acceleration
              1. Interpret Speed Time Graphs
                1. Calculating speed and distance from a Speed- Time graph
                2. Forces and Motion
                  1. Identify forces and draw force diagrams
                    1. Calculate the Net Force
                      1. Calculate the Acceleration or Net Force
                      2. Mass, Weight and Freefall
                        1. Explain the diffrence between Mass and Weight
                          1. Calculate the Mass force
                            1. Calculate the Weight Force
                              1. Draw the Force of Free Falling Objects
                                  1. Calculate the Net Force
                                  2. Work and Power
                                    1. Calculate Work Done when a force moves an object
                                      1. Explain why no work is done if an object doesnt move
                                        1. Explain work as a transfer of energy
                                          1. Use the relationship between power, work,and Time
                                          2. Energy
                                            1. Calculate kinetic energy of a moving object
                                              1. Explain effect of kinetic energy for different mass or speed
                                                1. Calculate change in gravitational potential energy
                                                  1. Explain the transformations of energy in a situation
                                                  2. Pressure
                                                    1. Define Pressure
                                                      1. Explain how a Change of Contact Surface Area effects Pressure
                                                        1. Calculate Pressure Force or Area
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