Cell Biology and structure

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Concept map of the organelles of a cell

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Cell Biology and structure
  1. Endoplasmic reticulum
    1. Structure: Two kinds of ER are the rough and the smooth. Thousands of ribosomes transiently attached to the outer surface of the rough ER.
      1. Function: ER forms a continuous compartment that folds into flattened sacs and tubes.
      2. Golgi Apparatus
        1. Function: Finishes, sorts, ships, liquids, enzymes, proteins, and modifies polypeptide chains.
          1. Structure: Sac like structures, that are specifically used to transport and ship liquids an proteins.
        2. Chloroplasts
          1. Function: Specializes in photosynthesis to produce energy.
            1. Structure: Double membrane bound organelles. The inner structure is called the stroma which contains many small thykaloids. This is the site of photosynthesis.
          2. Mitochondria
            1. Function: Energy powerhouse; produces many ATP by aerobic respiration.
              1. Structure: Dynamic skeleton of proteins.
              2. Lysosomes
                1. Function: digests and recycles wast materials.
                  1. Structure: contains acid hydrolase enzymes that break down waste materials. Described as the stomach of the cell.
                  2. Cell Junctions
                    1. Function: Enable communication between cells. Also reduce stress placed upon cells.
                      1. Structure: Consist of multiprotein complexes that provide contact between neighboring cells.
                      2. Plasma Membrane
                        1. Structure: Phospholipids are the most abundant lipid in the cell membrane.
                          1. Many different proteins embedded in a bilayer or attached to one of its surfaces carry out membrane functions.
                          2. Function: an outer membrane that separates the cell's contents from its environment.
                            1. selectively permeable.
                          3. Microtubules
                            1. Function: Involved in nucleic and cell division, organization of intra cellular structure, and intra cellular trnasport, as well as cilia and flagella motility.
                              1. Structure: made of sub- units called tubulin. Thick strong spirals of thousands of sub- units.
                              2. Microfilaments
                                1. Function: assist with cell movement, its particles produce muscle movements and contractions.
                                  1. Structure: Long, thin and stringy proteins. Made of actin, which is the substance that induces muscle movement and contractions.
                                  2. Nucleus
                                    1. Function: The nucleus provides a site for genetic transcription and controls gene expression.
                                      1. Structure: Largest cellular organelle in animal cells. The nucleus is protected by an outter core called the nuclear envelope and inside it has the control center called the nucleolus.
                                      2. Nuclear Envelope
                                        1. Function: gateways for molecules to enter and exit the nucleus.
                                          1. Structure: consists of two lipid bi-layers folded together into a single membrane. Membrane proteins embedded in the two lipid bilayers aggregate into thousands of tiny pores thta span the nuclear envelope.
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