Specialised Cells

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Specialised Cells
1 Red Blood Cells
1.1 Full of Haemoglobin
1.1.1 Gives the colour red
1.1.2 HB combines with oxygen which forms oxyHB
1.2 No Nucleus
1.2.1 More Haemoglobin can be packed into the cell
1.3 Bi-Concave
1.3.1 Make cells flexible More can fit Compacted closely together
1.3.2 Big surface area compared to volume
2 Sperm Cells
2.1 Long Tail
2.1.1 Propells the sperm cell forwards
2.2 Vacuole at the tip
2.2.1 Vacuole contains enzymes Help the sperm to digest its way to the egg
2.3 Single cell - mainly nucleus
2.3.1 Nucleus contains the chromosomes Contains DNA from the father
2.4 The midpiece
2.4.1 Gives the cell energy which allows the tail to move Contains mitchondria
3 Nerve Cells
3.1 Long thread of cytoplasm
3.1.1 The axon carries the electrical message
3.2 Dendrites
3.2.1 These make contact with other nerve cells around and receive information
3.3 Synapse at end of the nerve
3.3.1 To ensure that the message can only travel in one direction
3.4 Synapse at the end of the bulbs
3.4.1 This helps the nerve fibre hold chemicals that are able to travel across the synapse
4 White Blood Cells
4.1 Make antibodies and fight diseases
4.1.1 They have an irregular shape Squeeze in and out of blood vessels
5 Human egg cells
5.1 The cytoplasm feeds the embryo
5.2 Not streamlined
5.2.1 No need to travel at speed
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