Exploring Genres

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Exploring Genres
1 Landscapes
1.1 Urban/Rural
1.1.1 Towns
1.1.2 Cities Architecture Form Patterns Digitally making patterns and designs Mattia Mognetti Scale
1.1.3 Sunsets Colour Manipulating colour
1.1.4 Contrast between land and sky
1.2 Seascapes
1.2.1 Vivid colours
1.2.2 Textures
1.2.3 Rule of thirds Land Sea Sky Ideas Collaging Ripping different images to become one Focusing on the different elements eg rocks or the waveson the beach Jelle Martens Creating an assemblage Matthew Chase-Daniels Editing Digitally layering images Stephanie Jung Creating abstract landscapes by changing form, scale Mixed Media Drawing/paining on top of images Cutting out pats of a photo and replacing it Micah Danges
2 Fine Art
2.1 Human form
2.1.1 Hands
2.1.2 Skin Contrast between old and young
2.1.3 Movement of the body Curves Ideas Digital Editing Collaging images and creating different images from the human form Misha Gordin Abstract Photography Focusing on the details Close-Up/ Macro Miguel Ribeiro Shinichi Maruyama Indents Wrinkles
2.2 Still Life
2.2.1 Flowers Focus upon form and shape Focus upon detail Ideas Digital Editing Macro lens to emphasise detail Karl Blossfeldt Trevor Ashby Excluding colour to emphasise form and texture Creating patterns with plants etc Focusing on textures and fine details
2.2.2 Shells
3 Documentary
3.1 Candid Photography
3.1.1 Focusing upon real life emotions in different settings Individuals Groups of people e.g at a football match
3.2 Street Photogrpahy
3.2.1 Vintage
3.2.2 Modern
3.2.3 Movement on the streets Exploring the business or remoteness or urban/rural areas Ideas Collage Overlapping and combining images to show the movement and hecticness Sequencing still images to document the movement and focus upon individuals Eadward Muybridge Inserting scenes withtin scenes Richard Koenig
3.3 Documenting urban or rural life
3.3.1 Exploring and documenting the contrast between people of differnet backgrounds
3.4 Documenting changes of location
3.4.1 Documentation of memories in areas
4 Portraiture
4.1 Studying the contours of the face
4.2 Focusing on the different textures within the face
4.2.1 Lips
4.2.2 Skin
4.2.3 Eyebrows
4.3 Exploring identity
4.3.1 Concealing identity Mixed media Applying things over faces Rosanna Jones Drawing/Painting over photos Manipulating photos e.g cutting folding Joseph Parra
4.4 Exploring expressions
4.4.1 Ideas Collage Mixing expressions Layering images and expressions Damien Bottière
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