Codes and convenions of the Thriller genre

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codes and conventions of the thriller genre

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Codes and convenions of the Thriller genre
1 Mise-en-scene
1.1 Hair and make-up
1.2 The location choice is important
1.3 Low key lighting is often used to create tension
1.4 The antagonist is often in a dark clothing, this enables them to creep around, in the low light. The protagonist would usually be in normal clothes
2 Conventions of a Thriller
2.1 Low key lighting
2.2 Music which builds the tension. The music creates an engaging atmosphere in a Thriller, and keeps the audience guessing.
2.3 Shadows
3 Editing
3.1 Quick cuts, this keeps the audience on edge as it increases the
3.2 Panning shot
3.3 Tracking shot
4 Sound
4.1 Diegetic heavy breathing, this indicates to the view/audience that the character is scare, nervous or feeling uncomfortable.
4.2 The music, builds tension and is an important part to any film. It helps the viewer/audience understand the mood of the character.
4.3 Fast paced music
5 Characters
5.1 The protagonist tends to be a brave male character, who is trying to restore equilibrium.
5.2 The antagonist usually has a hidden identity which the audience don't see until the narrative develops.
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