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Edexcel Additional Science Biology Topic 1
1 the five Kingdoms
1.1 animals
1.1.1 plant monera protist fungi plant cells have a cell wall as a animal cell do not and is compacted in and is kind of in a perfact shape
1.1.2 animals cells do not have cell wall like a plant cel and is everywhere instead of begin compact
2 cells are the unit of all life
3 force
3.1 friction
3.1.1 magnetic force magnetic fields
3.2 Gravitational force
3.2.1 mass and weight
3.2.2 orbits and weightlessness
3.3 Electrostatic force
3.3.1 electrical charges
3.3.2 charging and discharging
3.4 Force and its effects
3.4.1 contact force and field forces
3.5 Atmosphere
3.5.1 ionosphere mesosphere stratosphere ozone layer
3.6 spheres of the earth
3.6.1 atmosphere hydrophere lithosphere biosphere Igneous rocks sedimentary rocks shale sandstone congloerate these rocks are formed by deiments becoming compressed Metamorphic rocks these rocks are formed when a previous igneous or sedimentary rock is changed by extreme heat and/or pressure within the lithosphere
3.6.2 weathering and erosion weathering is when the break down of rocks. Minerals and sediments can be removed by physical weathering and chemical weathering erosion is when sediments are carried to another area by the action of factors such as wind and running water.
4 matter
4.1 3 states of matter
4.1.1 solids liquids Gas particles free to move in random directions particles vibrate more than solids because of more room between particles particles vibrate but tightly packed
4.2 Matter is everything we can see, touch, smell hear and taste
5 Microscope
6 seperation of particles
6.1 types of mixtures
6.2 distillation

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