SAB7 #101 Types of Teams

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SAB7 #101 Types of Teams
  1. Dedicated
    1. Most of the team members working on the project full time and exclusively
      1. This is the easiest team to work as team members can devote almost all his energies
        1. Often report directly to the project manager
          1. Dedicated teams are more common in project-oriented organizations
          2. Part Time
            1. Team members and direct the project devoted some time to work on the project
              1. Part-time teams are more common in matrix and functional organizations
              2. Partnership
                1. When several organizations undertake a project
                  1. The teams will probably be made up of people who belong to each of the participating organizations
                    1. The project manager of the organization that takes the initiative to project
                      1. Can offer some advantages , such as saving costs , but can also be difficult to handle.
                      2. Virtual
                        1. When several organizations or offices are involved in a project, the geographical distance of these organizations may require that virtual machines are created
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