The Courtship of Mr Lyon The character Beauty

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The Courtship of Mr Lyon The character Beauty
  1. Adolescence
    1. Lives with her father, depends on him. Innocent, inner beauty, simple, not materialistic.
      1. "The one white rose she said she wanted...She asked for so little"
        1. Does not ask for much, lives simply.
    2. Life with Mr Lyon
      1. Scared, disgusted by the Beast´s physical appearance.
        1. ..."when she saw the grat paws lying on the arm of his char, she thought: they are the death of any tender herbivore."
        2. At the beggining
          1. Pretends to be happy and comfortable, for his father.
            1. "Yet she stayed, and smiled, because her father wanted her to do so".
              1. Shows her love for his father, wants to help him.
                1. "She would gladly have gone to the ends of the earth for her father, whom she loved dearly."
          2. After some time...
            1. Starts enjoying her life in the castle. Feels comfortable.
              1. "...against all her expectations, she was happy there."
              2. Feelings for the Beast, likes him.
                1. "She was moved almost to tears that he should care for her so. It was in her heart to drop a kiss upon his shaggy mane"
            2. Life in London
              1. Life as she had never know it. Rich life, wealth.
                1. "...her father was rich again(...) his credit brought him nothing but the best"
                  1. "A resplendent hotel, the opera, theatres (...) parties"
                    1. Shows her new luxurious life.
                      1. Starts being corrupted by the wealth, vanity, luxury.
                        1. "She was learning, at the end of her adolescence, how to be a spoiled child"
                          1. Becomes materialistic, cares about physical beauty.
                            1. "she took off her earrings in front of the mirror, Beauty"
                              1. "...she smiled at herself in mirrors a little too often, these days, and the face that smiled back was not quite the one she had seen contained in the Beasts agate eyes"
                                1. Contrast with her beauty when living with the Beast.
                              2. Change in personality. Arrogant, hysterical, complains.
                                1. "...her sweetness and her gravity could sometimes turn a mite petulant when things went on not quite as she wanted them to go"
                      2. Returns to Mr Lyon´s castle
                        1. Inner beauty revives in her again.
                          1. Shows her feelings for the Beast
                            1. "Dont die, Beast! If you´ll have me, i´ll neve leave yo."
                              1. Doesn´t care about physical beauty anymore.
                                1. "covered his poor paws with her kisses"
                                  1. Not disgusted by him.
                              2. Had left as a child, comes back as an adult.
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